New Astro projects gearing for launch

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New Astro projects gearing for launch

Dave Tierney 〜 6/4/2024

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Between work and personal projects, I will have three new websites getting going that are perfectly suited for Astro’s strengths. Two of the projects are going to be content based which I expect to lean in to content collections. The third will be more of a dashboard featuring a bit more interactivity. I am hoping to test out the new Astro DB to go along with the final project. There are many new features I am excited to try.

I will be eager to share more on each of these projects as they get off the ground. I hope that sticking to a similar base technology to build my stack for each project will enable me to juggle three projects at once. Also that two of the projects will be work based and one for my free time should help with the time management. Many learnings, lessons, and challenges are ahead. Stay tuned!