Bug squashing ~ The never ending adventure

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Bug squashing ~ The never ending adventure

Dave Tierney 〜 1/25/2024

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Web development has been quite an adventure in 2024. I don’t have many years of experience in this field yet, but this year is off to a very buggy start. I have had to debug several website DNS issues, experienced large server outages for SaaS products used, breaking changes in codebases for various projects, and bugs related to API access. Frustrating, challenging, but also a great learning experience.

I feel like taking these challenges head on has helped me grow as a developer. It’s lame, but I am starting to understand all the developer memes now. I’m sure some people are frustrated by the constant change of web development, but I actually enjoy it a lot. It keeps me on my toes and continues to give me a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the interweb.

As I have stated before, I am a person that likes to know how things work. Sometimes the best way to do that is to break something and then put it back together. Sometimes that breakage is from wear and tear, sometimes carelessness, a lack of understanding, or sometimes to see if it can be rebuilt better. I have practiced these things all my life, but it has been very rewarding to apply it to my new skill in programming.

Squashing bugs will likely be a never ending adventure, but I am trying to make sure they are not self inflicted. Some bugs will be inevitable, as systems change and break down, and I hope to continue to rise to the challenge of putting things back together. Hopefully better than how I found it.